Coffs Harbour Christian Community School Careers

Year 12

Year 12

So you have finally made it to the final year of your schooling before you head out into the world of tertiary education or working.


So what's available for you now?

Term 1 is really busy so make sure you keep up with your time planning!  In case you have lost last years, here is a blank planner for you to fill out.

To also assist you with your assessment planning for this year - here is a 2018 planner for you to download and fill in.

Term 2 is really quiet unfortunately so keep on your toes!  Don't give up and don't give in.  Keep battling on!

Remember - my door is always open to you so that I can be a part of your career planning for 2019 and beyond. 



Some universities run their own early entry programs e.g. SCU - STAR; 

Other universities who have early entry programs do so through the UAC SRS - Student Recognition Scheme.   This application system for 2019 opens during early August so watch out for the dates. The process for this is to apply for EE and await for notification of acceptance or not. If you are applying for EE through the SRS it is vital to ensure that the course you are applying for on EE is your first preference in UAC.


Don't rely on an EE offer and slack off with your studies!