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Year 11 Info

Year 11 Info

Welcome to Year 11!  

Thanks for coming back to join us for the next 2 years of your educational journey.  It is a privilege to be working through this year with you.

Something you need to be thinking through this year is 

a) whether you keep 6 subjects going into Year 12

b) where you want to go after Year 12.

We are here to help both you and your parents make informed decisions about this. 

Also, remember your time management schedules - keep them up to date and keep them handy! Don't get slack on your self-management skills!!

Make sure you pop in and catch up with Mrs Jackson anytime, or parents are more than welcome to make an appointment to discuss this further.

Just in case you have misplaced

a) your assessment planner - click here

b) your self-management planner - click here

c) the minion planner - here 'tis

or if you would like to watch your life in jellybeans again, try this

Enjoy Year 11 - you only get one shot at it!